Beatriz G.R.


Art Residencies

Aarhus, Denmark .May 2016-Dec 2018

Institut for (X)

During the period of my residency at institut for X, I started and organized a new community in the city of Aarhus that experiments, teaches and promotes social art and thereby advocates for social change, called UAC, currently still alive and implementing Social art projects thank you to all the volunteers such artists, activists, citizens who have been and are part of this journey, without them it would not be possible.

Currently UAC has its base and small cultural center in the neighborhood of Institut for X at the area K where we were given the space to transform two industrial containers into offices, studios and workshops and where the magic happens. 


Its an experimental project using natural resources from the  surroundings, to develop sculptural vessels in clay. From Digging clay from the ground to building a kiln during the summer to be able to cook them , focusing in the transformation process and learning deeply the origins of a pure material, thought the mystery of making ecological and unique ceramic pieces.

The  final ceramic kiln and the vassals were fired during an art demonstration and performance where the public explored and stayed close to this process and exhibited at Institute for X in Aarhus 2017 during the Christmas period

Fjellerup, Denmark 2017 

Pottery farm

During the period of six months, I had the honor of being the apprentice of the ceramic master Preben Hovgaard.

By living within a potters farm, I practiced from processing clay, pottery techniques to experimenting with new processes of using clay.

We also created together a spring collection of plant vessels realized for the popular Plant market By Pukk in Aarhus, spring 2017.

Normandy, France 2015

sculpture farm

During the period of six months I had the honor of being the apprentice of the artist Frances Doherty “the ceramic gardener”. Where I develop and practice sculpture, clay turning, handling of electric kiln and the application and manufacture of glazes.