Beatriz G.R.

My mission is to implement social art as a tool to create more inclusive and engaged societies, where citizens and communities can co-create in public spaces with the aim of creating social change, which is so much needed in the times we live in.

I am a socially engaged artist, curator and activist. 


Selected Projects

September 2021

Youth voices matter

A public and interactive art installation in collaboration with Useful Art for Communities (UAC) and commissioned by Ungdomsbureauet at Ungdommens Folkemøde. 

August 2021

You are nature

public art and interactive Installation exploring and connecting deeply with the relationship between humans and nature.


Clay hands

Participatory public monument

Symbolize the equality of all people independently of their ethnicity, gender, class, political views, or religion. This art project suggests that people can and should be involved in shaping the future of their cities.